5bf288b1462b9365d01450cad6dc_ContentTo know curling is to know the Howard family legacy and contribution to the sport. The Howard family of Bill, Russ, Glenn, Steve, Ashley, Scott and Carly are perhaps considered the greatest legacy in modern history of the game.  Like all children, having watched his parents curl and wanting to be like them, Russ Howard  found a way when he discovered the flat cans from mom's larder, pushed just so, slid nicely across the floor like a big rock. Where the tale really begins, however, is with Bill Howard, an athletic, enthusiastic Second World War RCAF veteran who married Barbara. Bill was from Midland, his wife was from Penetanguishene he and set about a 36-year career as a grocery store manager. The couple loved sports, all sports, and when Russell came along in 1956, and Glenn in 1962, they determined to introduce as many of them that time and money would allow to the youngsters. It wasn't until his early 40s that Bill picked up curling, and he and his wife, who learned as well, were hooked. Both boys point out that neither was ever forced into curling, introduced at around 10 years old, or any sport. It was merely expected they would enjoy something, because staying active was considered so important in the Howard family. They just seemed to gravitate to curling (Bill would say it's the one sport you can play until you're 80, so why not?), especially when dad began working at the Midland Curling Club, where he would become an outstanding manager and icemaker. That opened the doors to lots of practice time. Bill would die in 2002. His headstone, in the Penetanguishene Presbyterian cemetery, is easy to find — it's the one with the curling rock set on top. Russ is one of the greatest curlers ever produced (one who changed the game by inventing the "Moncton" or free guard rule that opened things up and made the sport more fun for TV viewers), and Glenn is right behind. In front actually as 4 time world champion; 4 time Canadian champion; 12 time Grand Slam winner and voted 9 time Brier all star. Widely regarded as one of the greatest curlers of all time, “The Wizard of Winter” is also one of the most recognizable personalities in Canadian curling history. Simply put, one of the greatest of all time! And legacy continues with the next generation of the  Howard family , Glenn's daughter Carly and his son Scott, both accomplished and rising competitive curlers.
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