Four Friends That Love To Curl

 Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 8.00.56 PM Putting a championship team together is just slightly harder than making a 3-cushion pool shot and solving a Rubik's cube at the same time.  First you have to understand that in Canada there are no professional curlers. We might be the biggest and best at the game, but we are way behind in terms of marketing and organization. All the competitive curlers up to our Olympic champions, have full time regular jobs. They take every vacation, every sick day from work to get away to curl.  A top team like Team Glenn Howard will be on the road or curling for as much as 60 to 80 days during a season (from September to April.) That takes a lot of commitment and support.  Glenn works as Store Manager for The Beer Store. His Third, ( long time friend and co-champion) Richard Hart is an Electrician in Pickering, Ontario. Second, David Mathers, is a Commercial Account Manager out of Ottawa, and Scott Howard, who plays lead for the team, is a Surveyor out of the Barrie, Ontario area. More than any team sport, Curling is a game where individual performance is enhanced by great teamwork. A good team is one with chemistry and synergy, A great team is one that consistently makes just ONE shot ( out of 64 or 80 shots) better than their opponents. With hi-tech curling gear and laser/computerized ice-making, the "game of inches" is now a game of millimeters.  Glenn has assembled a team with unmatched experience and skills. It will still take luck, determination and team work to "Carry On Curling" through to the World Championship. Click here to read the History of Glenn Howard.
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